Saturday (9am-7pm) – Sunday (9am-5pm) / Sept. 28 – Sept. 29, 2024

Volunteer Information

40th Duluth Fall Festival Volunteers

Volunteer Information

Festival VolunteersIt takes 300+ volunteers to make the Duluth Fall Festival a success. From installing decorations to unloading and loading vendor stock to bringing refreshments to a meeting, or managing a committee, you can be sure that there is a job for you. If you want to make a lot of new friends while improving your community, we want you to join us.

You can find the answers to many general questions about volunteering for the Duluth Fall Festival by reviewing the Volunteer pages or our FAQs page. When you are ready, join us at the next monthly Festival meeting.

Volunteer Events

Volunteer Photo: Sunday morning of Festival weekend at 11:15, the annual Volunteer photo will be taken.

Volunteer meetings are held from March through October on the last Thursday of the month.

Other volunteer activities run throughout the year. See the Volunteer Calendar for details.

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