Saturday, Sept. 28th (9am-7pm)
and Sunday, Sept. 29th (9am-5pm)



Information Booth

Does the Festival charge an admission fee?
The Festival is free of charge!

Where can I park for the Festival?
We encourage you to park in one of our Shuttle, Park and Ride or Park and Walk lots. Or, consider having your rideshare service drop you off in the heart of the Festival at the Duluth Festival Center. For more information, see the Shuttles and Parking page.

Does the Festival allow charitable organizations to have a booth?
Charitable organizations can have a booth at the Festival through the Sponsorship program. Charities get a 20% discount. For information about becoming a sponsor, see the Sponsors page.

Can my organization hand out pamphlets at the Festival?
The only organizations allowed to distribute information at the Festival are those with a Sponsor booth. For information about becoming a sponsor, see the Sponsors page. No organization or person can walk around and pass out fliers or any other papers or materials during the festival.

Can political candidates participate in the Parade?
Due to space constraints, only politicians who currently hold office are allowed in the Parade. For more information, see the Parade page.

Is handicapped parking available?
The Festival has dedicated handicapped parking. For locations of handicapped parking, see the Festival map.

How can I volunteer for the Festival?
The Festival welcomes new volunteers. For more information, see the Volunteer page.

Are pets allowed at the Festival?
Due to extreme heat, limited water supplies, and large crowds, pets are not recommended. Animals must be leashed and safe to the public. Important: Pets, with the exception of service animals, are not allowed on shuttle buses.